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Adventuresinchainsawing.com is a blog that seeks to provide a starting point for people wishing to familiarize themselves with choosing, sizing, maintaining, and operating a chainsaw.  I hope to fill a void and provide regular people, who find themselves needing unbiased info, with some useful information located in one place.  As time passes, I hope to document my forays into various segments of the world of chainsawing: from felling and bucking to carving and milling.  As I encounter new products and equipment, I will share my experiences and thoughts on said equipment.

In my quest for knowledge (and an attempt to bring knowledge of this blog’s existence to the world), I have entered the world of social media.  The twitter-sphere is filled with talented people doing incredible things with chainsaws.  I find it incredibly inspiring, and I hope to share this enthusiasm with a wider audience.  A list of carvers and chainsaw craftsmen on twitter can be found here:

This blog is meant to be a document of my adventures, trials, and tribulations into the world of the chainsaw.  In short, this is an ode to the chainsaw.

I am not an expert.  I don’t make a living with a chainsaw, nor am I a certified instructor.  I have not logged thousands of hours with a chainsaw in my hands.  Hell, I don’t even heat with wood, so I don’t buck up cords of wood every year.  This blog is meant to be a place that details my experiences, and what I, a dedicated amateur- an aficionado if you will, have learned in the quest for improving my knowledge base and skills with a chainsaw.  Take what you read with a grain of salt.  I whole heartedly advocate taking charge of your own adventure into learning, but I do hope that you find this blog to be a good starting point.

Thank you,

A.J. Kilpatrick


A.J. Kilpatrick leads a quiet life living deep in the heart of Hampton, New Brunswick, Canada.  He spends his time being great, contemplating deep thoughts, and working on creating the world’s greatest chainsaw blog.  It hasn’t happened yet.

A.J. Kilpatrick

A.J. Kilpatrick

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  1. What a self-important knob. Nice pretentious photo of yourself chewing on your glasses you fucking nerd. It’s pretty obvious that you’re super insecure, yet try to hide it behind a chainsaw blog that’s waaaaay too wordy to be written by a real man, it has to be written by a life failure such as yourself. Go get a job you bum.

    • Stop spewing. I think idiots like you should shut up and let the rest of us get on with inquiry and adventure. Maybe when you get a life you might actually have something real worthwhile to add until then nobody cares what you think.

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