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A.J. Kilpatrick

After deciding to take the plunge and purchase a chainsaw, I realized that when it comes to the safe operation of a chainsaw, I was relatively clueless (of course, the truly clueless are those who do not realize that they are in need of knowledge).  Anyone can cut a tree down with a chainsaw, it’s not rocket science, but felling a tree safely without endangering life, limb, and property is another matter.  In my searching of the interwebs in an effort to acquire clear instruction in how to safely accomplish my mission to fell the trees near my home, I came across many different articles and videos on how to safely operate a chainsaw.  All of the major brands had their own videos, as did countless others.  Some of the videos were by skilled and knowledgeable individuals, and some videos left me cringing as I wondered if I was watching a snuff film.

Chainsaw operation videos reviewed

Finding good, quality chainsaw instruction videos on the interwebs can be hard.

Of all the videos I watched on chainsawing, the video series that I found to be the most well done and informative was offered by Husqvarna.  Although the other major brands also offer informative videos, the following Husqvarna series succeeded on the strengths and abilities of its instructor, who, for me, presented the material in a clear, concise, and professional manner.  I would love to praise this individual by name, but, as of yet, I have not tracked down his identity.

There were three videos in the series that I feel are particularly worthy of your time.  The first video is quite short, clocking in at three minutes and twenty-five seconds, and it explains the proper stance and position for safely operating a chainsaw.  In addition to demonstrating the proper stance, the instructor also presents the various ergonomic design elements that have been incorporated into the modern chainsaw to make felling a tree easier and more intuitive.

The second video in the series presents the various types of notches as well as the importance of establishing a good hinge in the felling process.  In addition to presenting the information, the instructor also presents a little of the history behind the various notches which adds a little flavour to what could be a dry topic.  The instructor also does a good job of presenting not just the “how”, but he also delves a little into the “why” which, of course, helps the viewer to remember the various techniques involved.  This video is a little longer, coming in at ten minutes and forty-three seconds.  This video also takes place in a classroom like setting, so those of you who still haven’t dealt with any lingering anti-school issues might want to take an Adivan.

The third video in the series is the big one.   Clocking in at a massive forty-five minutes and fifty-four seconds, this is a meaty meal of chainsawing knowledge.  This video covers the felling and bucking of a tree in a real world setting.  Although quite long, this video covers many practical techniques involved in directional felling.  The video also covers many of the strategies and techniques involved in bucking the tree once it is on the ground.  It is important to remember that this is an instructional video covering practical ways to fell a tree while minimizing, as much as possible, risks to the operator while maximizing control of the tree through the fall.  Of course, there are many different ways to fell a tree, but for a beginner who is new to the process the methodology and procedures outlined here are of tremendous benefit.  I would advise against the reading of the comments attached to this video unless you wish to risk a stupidity induced aneurysm in addition to losing a great deal of faith in humankind (good advice for the comment section of almost everything you encounter on the internet).


These three videos contain relatively high production values.  The video is quite clear, and the camera angles capture most of the pertinent details, giving the viewer an excellent perspective to greatly enhance the learning process.  Given the safety concerns involved in filming live chainsaws, the viewer is able to see clearly what is going on: a feat that many other videos do not manage.  The sound, particularly the dialogue, is also quite clear and intelligible over the roaring of the chainsaw.


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