Chainsaw Music

Chainsaw Music

A.J. Kilpatrick

To break up the information tsunami, this week’s post will offer a couple of links to songs featuring chainsaws.  I do not know how many chainsaw songs are out there, but it is my promise to you to find them and pass them along.

Chainsaw Music volume 1

Music featuring chainsaws: You betcha!

The first offering in chainsaw music is the legendary 90’s “redneck” rock band Jackyl.  In 1992, Jackyl released their self-titled debut album Jackyl, and it brought us a modern masterpiece of chainsaw music: “The Lumberjack”.  This chainsaw master work made it to number 24 on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock chart, and, although filled with the cheesy memes of late eighties/early 90’s hair metal, the song features some masterful playing of the chainsaw.  Using the chain brake, Jackyl front man Jesse Dupree displays the full musical range of what appears to be a 50 cc’ish Jonsered chainsaw.  This song doesn’t just feature sound samples of a chainsaw; it features the actual playing of our favorite power tool.  From the deep, melodic four stroking to the high octave whining of WOT, Jesse gives us the greatest chainsaw solo ever recorded in music form.

A word of warning, Jackyl‘s first album contains some salty songs, but “The Lumberjack” is fairly safe (it contains a little rock n’ roll sexual double entendre, but nothing too overt).  Definitely a theme song for all chainsaw fanatics.  Once again, please take the hair metal video clichés with the good humour in which they are presented.  Without further ado, the greatest chainsaw song: “The Lumberjack”:

Everyone knows the best things come in two’s, so here is a modern nouveau country song by The Band Perry.  In this song, which made it to number 20 on the Country charts, we see the Perry siblings sing about erasing he heartbreak of failed loves by destroying the trees in which the ill-fated couple’s initials have been carved.  For those worried about the needless killing of trees just to make a video, there is a disclaimer at the end explaining that the trees felled in the video were scheduled for harvesting on a farm in Oregon.

This song, sadly, does not feature chainsaws as musical instruments, but it does feature the aesthetically pleasing siblings slinging some handsome Stihl chainsaws. A shout-out has to go out to the band for being safety conscious and wearing the appropriate P.P.E for the task at hand(except for the CGI’ed Ninja Scroll chainsaw chop near the end by the lovely Kimberly Perry).  Displaying a lot more polish than the boys from Jackyl, the video for “Chainsaw” is a tamer, more modern offering which uses our favourite power tool as a symbol for emotional closure.

Without anymore unnecessary verbiage, here is The Band Perry‘s “Chainsaw”:

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